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Adapted To Your Needs

Future means

We develop the best product according to your individual requirements – our possibilities are limitless – we find the solution for every problem.
Always ready to go one step further than others so that our customers have to take one step less to achieve the goal.

What we DO

Our services

Quality assurance

Delivering quality means living quality. Every day we ensure the highest quality with our own measuring and testing equipment. The latest technology and the latest software go hand in hand with years of experience

An own test laboratory to be able to check the quality of the components with the Schwarz standart.


We control according to your special specifications and our own high Quality standards.



  • Static material testing up to 50kN (Tensile, compression, bending and component testing)
  • Life-cycle tests
  • Dimensional testing with a wide range of test equipment
  • Optical Measurement with Coordinate Measuring Device
  • Development support, functional testing and real-time quality control during production
  • Work according to Advanced Product Quality Planing
  • Create FAIR, ATP, ATR, QTP and QTR

Engineering service

Already in the development of a new product, we pay attention to the possibilities of constructing a product of the highest quality which impresses with its simplicity and functionality – Less is more – especially to meet the important challenges of weight and pricing

We create lightweight solutions of the highest quality for your challenge. “Made by Schwarz” and “Made in Germany”.


  • Design studies/ drafts
  • Creation and review of specifications
  • Development of individual component solutions and assemblies from concept to series production
  • Prototyping and testing
  • FMEA in the design process
  • Drawing preparation
  • Plastic molded parts, fasteners, sheet metal parts, turned parts, milled parts
  • CAD Design and Kinematics


Schwarz not only takes care of the production, but also the assembly of the individual components into your solution.

With more than 30 years of experience in production and assembly, we also assemble your components with the utmost care and attention to detail.


  • More than 500.00 assemblies per year
  • Screwing Processes
  • Adhesive Processes
  • Rivet Installation and Ultrasonic Welding


Every single part is subject to our strict quality rules. All individual parts are checked in detail upon arrival in the QA and each assembly part is monitored and checked by our QA during production and after. If one of our components leaves our house, it usually never comes back to us. The 100% quality is our claim.