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What We’re Inventing

Future means

Always keep up with the times, know the challenges of the future, always think one step further, always react flexibly to a wide variety of influences. Innovation is our investment for the future, making products more sustainable through clever ideas.


Carbon Fibre Rods


In our Innovation project (ZIM) for the development of carbon fiber reinforced tension and compression struts we could achieve the next results. The focus of the last months was the development of a carbon fiber reinforced thread to realize the connection of the struts.


Furthermore, the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart supports us in the manufacturing process.
Due to our findings in the winding process and a load-appropriate layer structure, a tensile breaking load of 30kN was achieved with the first prototypes.


The scalable structure of the wound rods and the integration of the thread make the struts a light, durable and thus sustainable product for our customers. In the final step, production optimization is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.


Structure-borne sound transducers

Sound of the Future

In the development of new vehicles, the EU directive must be observed that electric vehicles have a sound system on board for acoustic external effect. This is because the noiseless electric vehicles increase the risk of traffic accidents. Particularly in the phase of starting up to 20km/h, electric vehicles must have an outward-impacting acoustic system.


Structure-borne sound transducers represent a possible solution. These extremely compact spring-mass systems convert electrical input signals into vibroacoustic waves. Applied directly to the car body, they create loudspeakers in the form of the excited component. Thanks to their high efficiency and very little electrical power required, they also conserve battery power, unlike conventional loudspeakers.


In cooperation with a new development partner, the first structure-borne sound transducer in the Schwarz portfolio has been created.